It manufactures and sells the highest quality raw materials (main anchovy, coffee bean, silage, rose hay, protein, beet, cottonseed, alfalfa pellets), feed additive, environment improver and fertilizer. And itmanufactures and sells IAMC (alkali anion complex mineral agent) itself.

DDC is a world-renowned flavoring company (more than 25% market share in China) that sells and sells the highest quality flavors in China and sells over 6,000 tons a year. In Korea, more than 30 companies, including Cargill Agri Purina, have flavorings and sweeteners (more than 95% of saccharin sodium) such as vanilla, butter, raspberry, fish oil, hay, lemon, maple, S13) monthly for more than 4 tons.

IAMC is a highly functional alkali anion complex mineral that is a bioactive new material that can not list all the functions such as antibacterial, antiviral, antitoxin, antioxidant, anti-inflammation, deodorization and harmful toxic substance decomposition. It is used as an excipient for immune enhancement effect in som supplementary feed and export products in Korea.

In addition, we are researching and developing StarKing, a fermented solid fermentation product based on coffee bean for the first time in the world, and are preparing to export to China and Vietnam as well as domestic.

We will do our best to improve the productivity of the farm and to make profitable business by supplying the highest quality feed additive that can raise the livestock more healthily.

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